Our Values

Our most important value is to LOVE, because;

We “love” to give confidence...

Our biggest gain, the foundation of our corporate culture is to give confidence. We trust ourselves, we trust each other, we trust you and we love to give confidence

We “love” to be healthy...

The most important part of our job is to produce fittings "suitable for human health". Therefore, FOMA = HEALTH is our main motto. We never give up on this principle: from the selection of raw material to the packaging of the product. We use raw materials "Suitable for Drinking Water" with a lead (Pb) ratio below 1%, we produce faucets that do not pollute the drinking water, because we like to be healthy.

We “love” the environment…

We manage all our wastes, we keep our emission rates at a minimum, we filter our emissions and release it after to the environment back. We consume minimum energy for minimum emission: “renewable” energy. Our products and packaging are 100% recyclable, because we prefer recycled resources while producing. We both love the environment and those who love the environment.