FOMA Turkey's Mixer



FALCIOĞLU was founded in 1975. To manufacture “Healty Taps”, it prooved hardwork with "technology" and aimed the "high and sustainable quality. As a result FOMA gained a name on the local market and were well known worldwide as well.

In 2004 the investing of "Low Pressure Die Casting Technolgy" FOMA added to the factory the plants of IMR Italy. To gain the “Healty Tap” name, CC757S and CC779S brass material is consumed by diecasting: chemical composition max. 0,99% Pb (Lead) in conformity with the EU Drinking Water Directive.

By diecasting and assembling both, FOMA follows the ISO 9001:2008 cares the EN under inspection of TSE (Turkish Standardisation Institute) and every single item is tested and checked one by one before reaches the final consumer in order to gain the “high and sustainable quality”.


Healthy Mixer