FALCIOĞLU has adopted a Quality Management System based on increasing the participation and training of all its employees in order to ensure, preserve and continuously improve the quality within the organization.

The Quality Management System fulfills the mission of FALCIOĞLU to serve with the aim of providing "Full Customer Satisfaction".

The Quality Management is based on 4 processes:

  • Quality Targets:Measurable targets are determined in a way that they are compatible with the quality policy and include continuous improvement during the execution of activities in the fields of activity.
  • Quality Planning:Planning of activities and (necessary resources) to achieve quality targets is done by senior management. It determines all processes, the sequence of processes, their interactions, the needed resources, their monitoring, measurement and how they will be analyzed.
  • Quality Control:Performance standards of the subject parameters are determined and measured in quality planning. Corrective actions are taken when standards are not met.
  • Quality Development:The determinations and solutions made within the quality planning and as a result of the quality control are practiced with the “continual improvement” sensibility.